I’m Filippo Bellisola, an Italian 26 years old freelance travel photographer and creator. I was born and I’m currently living in Verona, a beautiful city in North of Italy.

Over the years my works have been featured on Forbes, GoPro, Vanity Fair, DailyMail, Corriere della Sera, Insider and more, and I had the pleasure to work with brands such as The North Face, Samsung, Huawei, Talisker and more.

My core passion is definitely traveling and discovering the most beautiful places sharing memories and emotions through photography. That’s why I focus most of my projects outdoors. I can’t travel without my camera because I wouldn’t be able to save every single moment of my adventures.

As a travel photographer, my goal is to share my adventures through my photos, but first of all through my point of view, trying to inspire photographers and outdoor lovers.


To create my contents I use this photography gear and I edit my photos using my official Presets for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop on PC and Mobile.



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