My name is Filippo Bellisola, an Italian 25 years old photographer from Verona also known as Sheck. I love to capture landscape and travel photos to show how beautiful is the world around us. 

I started to take photos some years ago with my first GoPro. I got several repost on global channels of this brand, cash rewards and I was selected by Matt Komo as the first Italian GoPro Featured Photographer on 2017.

Photography became soon my favorite passion so I decided to expand my equipment buying a professional camera, some different lenses and a drone.

I’m the co-founder of Dreaming Tones, an Instagram gallery where me and my girlfriend Sara share our favorite photos by the best photographers in the world. On 2019 we started DreamingTones.com, a community of creators, travelers and photographers that shares the best experiences and knowledge about travel and photography.

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