I’m Filippo Bellisola, an Italian 26 years old freelance travel photographer and content creator. I was born and I’m currently living in Verona, a beautiful city in North of Italy.

My works have been featured on Forbes, GoPro, Vanity Fair, DailyMail, Corriere della Sera, Insider and more.

My core passion is definitely outdoors and I can’t travel without my camera because I wouldn’t be able to save every single moment of my adventures.

As a travel photographer, my goal is to share my adventures through my photos, but first of all through my point of view, trying to become a source of inspiration for photographers and outdoors lovers like me.

On 2017 I became the first Italian GoPro Featured Photographer, selected by Matt Komo (@mattkomo) and I’ve been a member of the official The North Face Explorer Team 2020.

I’m the co-founder of @dreamingtones with my girlfriend Sara (@sarah.zanotti) and @whereinitaly with my friend Federico (@federicospinelli.it).

To create my contents I use this photography gear.