Allinbox Telesin

I received this product from Telesin, its name is “Allinbox” and allows you to charge two Canon (5D Mark II III, EOS 5D Mark IV, 5DS, 5DSR, 6D, 60Da, 7D, 7D Mark II, 70D, 80D) batteries at the same time and acts as a reader for SD memory cards.

I must say that this product is very useful for photographer like me because we need to load batteries as fast as possible.

Currently it is available the version compatible with Canon batteries but soon will be released Sony and Nikon versions.

You can buy this brand new product from Telesin’s Aliexpress Store by clicking on the button below:

Telesin Dome for GoPro HERO 6

Have you ever seen  50% above and 50% below water photos?
This is possible with a very useful and not expencive accessory for your GoPro: the DOME.
In the last period I had the opportunity to test the Telesin Dome for GoPro HERO 5-6-7 to take some photos and videos. There’s also a dome version compatible with GoPro Hero 4 series. The result was very good.

Here there are some of my favorite photos I took with this must-have accessory:

The only problem is the presence of drops on the glass. You probably find this problem on all types of dome, you can remedy it by buying a water repellent liquid and/or trying to correct the drops in post production.
I recommend this product for the fantastic photos that allows you to shoot and for user-friendly. It’s so easy to use by people not experienced.

What’s included:

  • Dome

  • Pole

  • Various Attacks

You can buy the Telesin Dome here:


Telesin 6 inches Dome compatible with GoPro HERO 5/6/7

Fotoquadro su tela Saal Digital

Ho avuto modo di provare questo fotoquadro su tela grazie a Saal Ditigal stampando una delle mie foto preferite catturata con GoPro HERO 6. La qualità grafica della foto e dei materiali è davvero eccezionale!
Consiglio l’acquisto a chi vuole un prodotto di alta qualità ad un ottimo prezzo.

Caratteristiche del prodotto:

  • Tessuto canvas fine e colore naturale (300 g/m²)

  • Stampa latex di alta qualità co una risoluzione di 300 dpi

  • Massima brilllantezza dei colori & alta nitidezza

  • Cornice in legno vero (2 cm)

  • Tocchetti di legno per incrementarne la tensione della tela