Allinbox Telesin

I received this product from Telesin, its name is “Allinbox” and allows you to charge two Canon (5D Mark II III, EOS 5D Mark IV, 5DS, 5DSR, 6D, 60Da, 7D, 7D Mark II, 70D, 80D) batteries at the same time and acts as a reader for SD memory cards.

I must say that this product is very useful for photographer like me because we need to load batteries as fast as possible.

Currently it is available the version compatible with Canon batteries but soon will be released Sony and Nikon versions.

You can buy this brand new product from Telesin’s Aliexpress Store by clicking on the button below:

Telesin Products

On July 8th I received a package from Telesin with 3x GoPro Hero 5/6 Batteries, a Triple Charger and some screen and lens protector.
In my opinion the Triple Charger is a very useful GoPro accessory because you can use it like a small case for three batteries and you can charge them at the same time. The charger has three leds, one above each battery and indicates the status of the charge (red, orange and green).
The batteries works perfectly on GoPro Hero 5/6 and I suggest them to people that use a lot his GoPro on trips.
Each battery has 1220 mAh and the duration is very similar to the original battery branded GoPro.
I also suggest you screen and lens protector to avoid scratches that ruin your photos.

Here you can by through Amazon these fantastic Telesin products:


Telesin Triple Charger and two batteries for GoPro HERO 5/6

Two batteries

2x Telesin Batteries compatible with GoPro HERO 5/6

lens protections

Lens and screen protections for GoPro HERO 5/6

If you have some questions you can ask me here or you can contact directly Telesin on Instagram: @telesin_official .